Reason for Blog

First I am not a blogger, at least not a dedicated one like so many on here are. I got in on blogging mainly because I wanted to share about this product I have. This only applies to those who like having scents in the home… I always did like having scents but let me be honest I am not the most responsible person when it comes to lighting a candle or plugging something in to the wall. I mean if my home smells good and I am enjoying the scents then I get a call to go out I leave and totally forget that I had something burning or plugged in that maybe I should have unplugged or blown out before walking out the door.  Such was my life and one time when I came back home and realized my candle was still burning and quite warm on the bottom where it was sitting I basically gave up the scents for my home.  And that is the reason when my daughter told me all about this Airmoji I felt I had to try/test this out…I mean come on it was my daughter telling me about it and so my analytical mind doubting as it was bought one 🙄 thinking this isn’t going to work for me..But fact is this is Safe and Smart (it can run by an app) No heat, wax, oil or water involved…this worked better than anything (I was shocked 😳). So for the fragrance people check this out at my website I honestly see no cons in my analytical mind!  Oh and PS…If I do leave it accidentally running when I leave my house (which yes I have done) there is no problem because it gives out no heat and isn’t plugged in and I can always recharge it like my phone!!!