Device questions?

I have enjoyed reading several blogs and they range from personal adventures, new products to enjoyable book reads.  But since I have seen questions and statements put out for feedback I realized that this is one thing I actually have not done with mine.  First yes I am a Distributor for Airmoji and yes I do have a full time job so the MojiLife is not a  main contributor to my income, however, I would like to know your impressions.  So here goes……I hope that you can just give me some feedback on my questions, nothing that puts you as a target but something that might help me in giving correct information about this product and what might be a better way to get the word out.  Ok so here goes: Have you ever heard of the Airmoji besides my blog?   If you have heard of it where did you hear of it from?  Do you think the Airmoji is a device that is better or worse than what is currently offered in home fragrance devices? With knowing all the features on the Airmoji would this ever be something that you would be interested in for your home/office/car?     If you could give me honest answers it would be Awesome!  Thank you so much!!!


SEC Championship and MojiLife

auburnAirmoji size

moji new catalog

Well my team Won….Yea Auburn, WAR EAGLE.  And now that we are the winners of the SEC West we must head to Atlanta to play Georgia again since they won the SEC East.  Georgia will definitely be out to beat Auburn since they were beaten quite badly earlier in the season but hopefully Auburn will still come through and Win.

Now on to the MojiLife…..I haven’t covered a lot of products since I have been waiting on the newest catalog to come out and well it has been quite busy too.  I hope that the catalog can be opened like a normal .pdf.  From Wonderful fragrances that dispense without a mess to Great Cleaning non-toxic products and Great Bath Bombs made with essential oils!!! This Company is taking off and if anyone is interested in buying or in selling Please let me be your Distributor or your Sponsor!!


The Iron Bowl

Well today is the day that All Auburn and Alabama fans across the globe are interested in……..the Annual Iron bowl. Now for those not interested in football this story means nothing to you but perhaps even those non interested souls have heard of the biggest football rivalry in the country Auburn and Alabama.  Being an Auburn Alumni this game is one that never goes without watching! It determines the bragging rights for the State of Alabama literally……you see with no pro football team in the state of Alabama the teams of Auburn and Alabama fill this gap! There have been some amazing feats that have occurred during this game especially when it comes to the underdog winning! So WAR EAGLE is my cry to cheer on the Auburn Tigers!!! Win or lose I am an Auburn fan til I die!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Gump

MojiLife ThanksgivingI hope all of you have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!  If you wonder why I am saying from the “Gump” well it is because that is a nickname for Montgomery.  IDK could be some person started this that figured it was shorter and easier to say but whatever the case may be it has stuck.  So from the “Gump” which is experiencing some much cooler weather I hope all of you have tons of food and tons of laughter to make your Thanksgiving one to remember!!


Great Christmas gift, the one that people are loving!

They make Great Christmas Gifts especially to someone who seems to have all the latest gadgets. Why not pick up this Bluetooth rechargeable device that never gets hot and it doesn’t have oil, water, wax or need to run by an outlet!! It makes the home smell Awesome and there is no mess!!! It’s smart and safe!!! There’s an app for it!  Check it out!!!


Smells and Smiles

I hadn’t really thought about smells and smiles until I started distributing for MojiLife, but now that I have and do, I have an analysis on it.  When I get in my car everyday and the scent from one of our fall fragrances hit my nose it makes me smile……I think about how when I am home and my Christmas Tree scent is running (I set it from my app) how it makes me smile and think about the coming season……Great smells do make us smile and remember good things!!!  From studies they say that the first impression someone has of your home is the smell, I hope your home gives everyone a reason to smile!  If you are not fortunate enough to have a MojiLife Distributor in your area, maybe you should think about joining this company which started just over a year ago!!  But if that isn’t something you would like to do, then check out my page and see about a great smelling home which produces smiles!!!