Summer Scents

I have been away quite a while but life takes over and you get busy running around doing things outside and with family and friends, especially when the weather is nice and sunny.  This time of year reminds me of the coming hot summer months!  And here in the South with summer comes time at the beach!!! With the coming summer I am so glad to also introduce the Summer Scents from Mojilife which include White Sands and Fresh Lime and Coconut!  Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting under an umbrella on the beach with the ocean waves giving you a perfect summertime serenade…….also with this scene comes the scents of the beach…….Imagine sipping on the perfect ice cold pina colada (Fresh Lime and Coconut) and the smell of that tropical suntan lotion (White Sands)……. Are you ready for the Beach!!! These smells can be yours  even when you can’t be at the Beach, just visit my website and get your Airmoji and Summer Scents.  I have had no one regret getting their Airmoji!!!  Enjoy your summer!!!

summer scents


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