I have been away awhile and sometimes find myself lost in day to day activities. But when new specials came up in my company I definitely wanted to share. These specials dedicated to teachers also brought back memories of good and bad ones I had in school.  One teacher I am reminded of was always friendly and cool with us and seemed very sympathetic to us girls (especially when we had tests). We always seemed to get him to work out the answers for us when we asked for help……We girls Loved this, however the next year with a different teacher we quickly realized we never learned the basics which we needed in this subject..Yikes.  Then there was a teacher I had in one of my science classes who was strict on the rules but boy did we ever learn some interesting facts that I still remember today.  He made the subject interesting and he kept your attention!

Now who do you think was the better Teacher …… Teachers are needed for every child and hopefully the best ones are teaching your children!!!  If you are interested in rewarding that teacher with a gift check out my website and choose one of The Teacher Appreciation Specials they are Great! http://www.mojiproducts/RenitaWard

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