Sound without Sight

Sometimes I feel like I am being bombarded by commercials, and ads on TV. What really makes it worse is there are times when you are watching TV and when it rolls to commercials the volume projects louder than the show you are watching. I oftentimes feel like muting the minute the program rolls to commercials. I don’t mean to disregard the companies and their intent of letting the public know about their product because obviously I sell for MojiLife, but I think sometimes the message is more damaging than they realize. I closed my eyes the other day when a show I was watching was playing on TV, and just listened without sight. When the commercials started literally I felt that so much information, sounds and fast talking was being thrown at me that I almost completely cut the TV off. I hope I don’t ever give the impression of bombarding the public with my product message. I tend to give more attention to the calm and laid-back messages with soothing music playing and common-sense approach for information. Please feel free to let me know if I have bombarded you or if you have suggestions on how I can better release information on my product.  I thank you so much for allowing me to vent!! Hope your day is Wonderful and not Bombarded!!!

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