Device questions?

I have enjoyed reading several blogs and they range from personal adventures, new products to enjoyable book reads.  But since I have seen questions and statements put out for feedback I realized that this is one thing I actually have not done with mine.  First yes I am a Distributor for Airmoji and yes I do have a full time job so the MojiLife is not a  main contributor to my income, however, I would like to know your impressions.  So here goes……I hope that you can just give me some feedback on my questions, nothing that puts you as a target but something that might help me in giving correct information about this product and what might be a better way to get the word out.  Ok so here goes: Have you ever heard of the Airmoji besides my blog?   If you have heard of it where did you hear of it from?  Do you think the Airmoji is a device that is better or worse than what is currently offered in home fragrance devices? With knowing all the features on the Airmoji would this ever be something that you would be interested in for your home/office/car?     If you could give me honest answers it would be Awesome!  Thank you so much!!!


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