SEC Championship and MojiLife

auburnAirmoji size

moji new catalog

Well my team Won….Yea Auburn, WAR EAGLE.  And now that we are the winners of the SEC West we must head to Atlanta to play Georgia again since they won the SEC East.  Georgia will definitely be out to beat Auburn since they were beaten quite badly earlier in the season but hopefully Auburn will still come through and Win.

Now on to the MojiLife…..I haven’t covered a lot of products since I have been waiting on the newest catalog to come out and well it has been quite busy too.  I hope that the catalog can be opened like a normal .pdf.  From Wonderful fragrances that dispense without a mess to Great Cleaning non-toxic products and Great Bath Bombs made with essential oils!!! This Company is taking off and if anyone is interested in buying or in selling Please let me be your Distributor or your Sponsor!!


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