The Iron Bowl

Well today is the day that All Auburn and Alabama fans across the globe are interested in……..the Annual Iron bowl. Now for those not interested in football this story means nothing to you but perhaps even those non interested souls have heard of the biggest football rivalry in the country Auburn and Alabama.  Being an Auburn Alumni this game is one that never goes without watching! It determines the bragging rights for the State of Alabama literally……you see with no pro football team in the state of Alabama the teams of Auburn and Alabama fill this gap! There have been some amazing feats that have occurred during this game especially when it comes to the underdog winning! So WAR EAGLE is my cry to cheer on the Auburn Tigers!!! Win or lose I am an Auburn fan til I die!

1 thought on “The Iron Bowl”

  1. Yes, it’s the biggest football rivalry in the United States, and it goes year-round. I’m an Alabama alumni, so Roll Tide is our battle cry. I’m wearing my 1992 Nat’l Championship shirt as we speak (mostly b/c it’s cold, I’m home, and sweat shirts are easy to wash–unlike sweaters).

    Anyway, thanks for posting about our fun football rivalry, and War Tide! 🙂

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