I haven’t put a blog on in a while since I have been working festivals  advertising and selling for MojiLife. If you would have told me 6 months ago I would pick up a second job distributing for a company I would have told you “Yea right, and you are crazy”. But then I received the Airmoji and started using it and realized how new, innovative, safe and smart it was.  Then I saw where no one in Montgomery was selling it so I knew I had to get the word out! I not only get paid weekly but I get Moji cash and half off items!!!! The fragrance pods offer scents from fruits, flowers, outdoors and seasonal scents to healthy essential oils. There is no product out there that is waterless, oil less, waxless and uses No heat or heat source and it is Bluetooth compatible. This means you can set it by your smart phone and forget it. Although your awesome smelling home will help you remember how Great the new Airmoji is!!! Ok enough of telling you about this product which I can’t help but Love …..geez people I might be crazy because I have never promoted anything like this….well I do promote good tasting wine..lolol. I hope your weekend has been Awesome and you Always have Great Smells around!!!


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