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Ok since my blog does promote the Airmoji and their fragrance line, when something new hits I do want to share.  I received the small sample fragrances of Christmas and Winter for the Airmoji.   They smell Wonderful.  But instead of describing how I feel about them I will put the fragrance descriptions of each one here so you will know.  I know I have said this before but this Airmoji really is the only device on the market which is free of water, oil, wax and it runs by a rechargeable battery that is Bluetooth compatible.  I can set this device with my cell phone and then it runs only when I want it to without me having to be there!  I know I know I might sound like a broke record but just keep this device in mind if you are interested in having fragrance or essentials oils dispensing in your home/car.  The Airmoji is the Safe and Smart device!!

image1 (4)

all christmas pics


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