Auburn Won……

For those that follow College Football or are like me and an alum of Auburn then you know that this title brings Great Happiness!! I am from the State of Alabama and you basically decide early in life who you will root for, either Auburn or Alabama football.  I think the reason this happens is because the state of Alabama has no pro-football team and with two huge college campuses in State it is only probable that the passion of football, falls on one of these teams.  I would dare say that the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama is one of the most passionate and sometimes very bitter ones in the country.  I even think an article was done on this in the past.  To me having spent my college years in Auburn it will always be special and it will always represent the place where I matured and became an adult from the teenager I left home as.  Auburn will always be my team regardless of the wins or the loses incurred.  Auburn football games centered in the fall is just another reason for me to enjoy the season, along with the temps and humidity getting lower.  So if you are ever in the South and hear “War Eagle” or “Go Tigers” there is a 99% chance you are hearing an Auburn fan/alum cheering on their favorite passion in sports!!!



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