Life in Balance…..

Sometimes just when everything seems to be going somewhat smoothly, something happens that changes your path and things seem out of balance.  It can happen quickly and leave you feeling a little bit dizzy and off mentally, of what your next move should be.  I know when I get to that point the one thing that does help me is to just stop and regroup.  Sometimes I actually just close my eyes and get still and then think about what has happened and if it really is as bad as my mind wants me to believe.  I will say most of the time the events are not as drastic and by simply staying calm it allows me to figure out what my next approach in life should be.  Maybe the phrase “Mind over Matter”  kinda does apply here.  I hope if any of you find yourself in changing situations which seem out of your control, you will have time to stop and calmly be able to figure out what path is now best for you!  Sometimes unplanned changes tend to be the best paths in the future!  Wishing you a Great Thursday and happy smells with the Airmoji!!!

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