Relax and Rest…techniques

Sometimes life gets hectic and all you want to do is find a place where you can quickly rest and recharge.  This can be very difficult to do in this fast paced world, but I have found what works for me and it is simple.  First find a place where it is quiet, preferably in your living space, this will take cutting off the electronics…, phone,computers.  If your happy place is the beach then a calm playing of the sea in the background would be ok but otherwise go for a quiet peaceful setting.  Then have a nice smell drifting into your setting, this could be for the beach lover, pods of WHITE SANDS, TAHITIAN SUNSET, POOLSIDE or FRESH LIME COCONUT (From MojiLife Products).  Or if your happy place is the Mountains or by the River then the scents you might want to have dispensing could be EARLY MORNING, MOUNTAIN MEADOWS, OREGON COAST or LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL.  Which ever your place may be the right scents will help you relax and when this starts to happen simply close your eyes and feel the quiet place visualize in your mind and before you know it you are so relaxed and calm.  Even at 5 to 10 minutes this can provide the perfect recharge adjustment that your body so needs.  This is why I so believe in what I sell because I do really really love the Airmoji and the scent pods and the above technique is what I truly experienced before I quickly volunteered to begin selling for this company. Hope that whatever relaxes you is something that you can achieve on a regular basis!!!  Renita



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