Autumn Elegance Pod

Ok I know I have been lax on getting more information on the fragrance and essential oil pod information out, but these pods last a while so until I put a new one in I can’t really give specific information and my review on them.  I do like the fact that each pod especially the medium and strong scented ones last a long time!  Ok this morning I put the Fall Seasonal Scent in called Autumn Elegance.  This might actually be my favorite… does roll toward the medium to strong scent.  I will attach what MojiLife describes as this scent but for me it does truly remind me of fall!!  I don’t know if it is because it does remind me of baked goods or just memories of fall festivals where there were all those spice scents floating through the air………Regardless though, the scent is Wonderful and the Memories even better!!  Mojilife is in the US and recently was introduced into Australia and Canada.  I know there are plans to expand to Europe soon!!  If you are given a chance to be able to obtain this device I would definitely recommend it because no one that has bought one from me has been disappointed!  New Company with a Great product!!!IMG_3466


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