Sound without Sight

Sometimes I feel like I am being bombarded by commercials, and ads on TV. What really makes it worse is there are times when you are watching TV and when it rolls to commercials the volume projects louder than the show you are watching. I oftentimes feel like muting the minute the program rolls to commercials. I don’t mean to disregard the companies and their intent of letting the public know about their product because obviously I sell for MojiLife, but I think sometimes the message is more damaging than they realize. I closed my eyes the other day when a show I was watching was playing on TV, and just listened without sight. When the commercials started literally I felt that so much information, sounds and fast talking was being thrown at me that I almost completely cut the TV off. I hope I don’t ever give the impression of bombarding the public with my product message. I tend to give more attention to the calm and laid-back messages with soothing music playing and common-sense approach for information. Please feel free to let me know if I have bombarded you or if you have suggestions on how I can better release information on my product.  I thank you so much for allowing me to vent!! Hope your day is Wonderful and not Bombarded!!!

Rev. Billy Graham

I know a lot have posted remembrances of Billy Graham since his death this morning and I will do the same . I remember the first time I heard Billly Graham on TV, I was just a small girl but boy did he have an impact on me! I remember after watching his sermon talking my Mom into letting me order the Bible he was offering to help pay for his ministry!!  Even as a child I could recognize the tremendous Love and Knowledge he had of Jesus! He had a part in me becoming a Christian!!! I can only imagine how Awesome his going home to Heaven was!!! Billy Graham you were a truly Good and Faithful servant of God and millions know Jesus because of you!!!

Device questions?

I have enjoyed reading several blogs and they range from personal adventures, new products to enjoyable book reads.  But since I have seen questions and statements put out for feedback I realized that this is one thing I actually have not done with mine.  First yes I am a Distributor for Airmoji and yes I do have a full time job so the MojiLife is not a  main contributor to my income, however, I would like to know your impressions.  So here goes……I hope that you can just give me some feedback on my questions, nothing that puts you as a target but something that might help me in giving correct information about this product and what might be a better way to get the word out.  Ok so here goes: Have you ever heard of the Airmoji besides my blog?   If you have heard of it where did you hear of it from?  Do you think the Airmoji is a device that is better or worse than what is currently offered in home fragrance devices? With knowing all the features on the Airmoji would this ever be something that you would be interested in for your home/office/car?     If you could give me honest answers it would be Awesome!  Thank you so much!!!


SEC Championship and MojiLife

auburnAirmoji size

moji new catalog

Well my team Won….Yea Auburn, WAR EAGLE.  And now that we are the winners of the SEC West we must head to Atlanta to play Georgia again since they won the SEC East.  Georgia will definitely be out to beat Auburn since they were beaten quite badly earlier in the season but hopefully Auburn will still come through and Win.

Now on to the MojiLife…..I haven’t covered a lot of products since I have been waiting on the newest catalog to come out and well it has been quite busy too.  I hope that the catalog can be opened like a normal .pdf.  From Wonderful fragrances that dispense without a mess to Great Cleaning non-toxic products and Great Bath Bombs made with essential oils!!! This Company is taking off and if anyone is interested in buying or in selling Please let me be your Distributor or your Sponsor!!