Happy Thanksgiving from the Gump

MojiLife ThanksgivingI hope all of you have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!  If you wonder why I am saying from the “Gump” well it is because that is a nickname for Montgomery.  IDK could be some person started this that figured it was shorter and easier to say but whatever the case may be it has stuck.  So from the “Gump” which is experiencing some much cooler weather I hope all of you have tons of food and tons of laughter to make your Thanksgiving one to remember!!


Great Christmas gift, the one that people are loving!

They make Great Christmas Gifts especially to someone who seems to have all the latest gadgets. Why not pick up this Bluetooth rechargeable device that never gets hot and it doesn’t have oil, water, wax or need to run by an outlet!! It makes the home smell Awesome and there is no mess!!! It’s smart and safe!!! There’s an app for it!  Check it out!!! http://www.mojiproducts.com/RenitaWard


Smells and Smiles

I hadn’t really thought about smells and smiles until I started distributing for MojiLife, but now that I have and do, I have an analysis on it.  When I get in my car everyday and the scent from one of our fall fragrances hit my nose it makes me smile……I think about how when I am home and my Christmas Tree scent is running (I set it from my app) how it makes me smile and think about the coming season……Great smells do make us smile and remember good things!!!  From studies they say that the first impression someone has of your home is the smell, I hope your home gives everyone a reason to smile!  If you are not fortunate enough to have a MojiLife Distributor in your area, maybe you should think about joining this company which started just over a year ago!!  But if that isn’t something you would like to do, then check out my page and see about a great smelling home which produces smiles!!!  http://www.mojiproducts.com/RenitaWard

Christmas gift idea

The sales of this device Airmoji are beginning to soar here in Montgomery, AL.  We sometimes here in the South seem to be the last to know about the latest things that others have known about, but if you need a Christmas idea just read about it and maybe this unique new innovative device is one that could be what you need for that certain someone!!!  PS I have sold to more men than women at this point………I guess it is because it is fire safe and Bluetooth compatible (you can set it by your smart phone and forget it)!!!

Moji Flyer 1



I haven’t put a blog on in a while since I have been working festivals  advertising and selling for MojiLife. If you would have told me 6 months ago I would pick up a second job distributing for a company I would have told you “Yea right, and you are crazy”. But then I received the Airmoji and started using it and realized how new, innovative, safe and smart it was.  Then I saw where no one in Montgomery was selling it so I knew I had to get the word out! I not only get paid weekly but I get Moji cash and half off items!!!! The fragrance pods offer scents from fruits, flowers, outdoors and seasonal scents to healthy essential oils. There is no product out there that is waterless, oil less, waxless and uses No heat or heat source and it is Bluetooth compatible. This means you can set it by your smart phone and forget it. Although your awesome smelling home will help you remember how Great the new Airmoji is!!! Ok enough of telling you about this product which I can’t help but Love …..geez people I might be crazy because I have never promoted anything like this….well I do promote good tasting wine..lolol. I hope your weekend has been Awesome and you Always have Great Smells around!!!


Business blog…

Ok since my blog does promote the Airmoji and their fragrance line, when something new hits I do want to share.  I received the small sample fragrances of Christmas and Winter for the Airmoji.   They smell Wonderful.  But instead of describing how I feel about them I will put the fragrance descriptions of each one here so you will know.  I know I have said this before but this Airmoji really is the only device on the market which is free of water, oil, wax and it runs by a rechargeable battery that is Bluetooth compatible.  I can set this device with my cell phone and then it runs only when I want it to without me having to be there!  I know I know I might sound like a broke record but just keep this device in mind if you are interested in having fragrance or essentials oils dispensing in your home/car.  The Airmoji is the Safe and Smart device!!

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